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    airedalenursing.co.uk - Internet Services Copyright Policy

    airedalenursing.co.uk (we, us or our) owns and operates the World Wide Web site airedalenursing.co.uk. The design, content and graphics of those sites and all other elements created by us or third parties as work for hire or where the copyright has been assigned to us remains copyrighted with all rights reserved.
    To obtain permission to use any of these copyrighted elements, and such permission may be granted or refused at our discretion, write with a full description of the element which you desire to use. Include in this description the purpose, place and extent of use intended and full contact information including name, address, phone fax and email to:
    Copyright Permissions
    88 Laurel Walk
    MK42 7NT
    Email office@airedalenursing.co.uk with all requested information.
    Content, which has been contributed to public area of the airedalenursing.co.uk site by users, remains the property of the submitter or the original creator and we are a licensed distributor of such content. Occasionally, a person may feel that content submitted by a user is his or her property or is covered by the copyright of someone other than the submitter. Please remember that we are the distributor of user supplied content and the submitter, not Roll-ofHonour.com, is the one who has violated copyright if such a violation has occurred. However, we will respond to substantiated claims of violation. In such a case, the person who believes they have a claim under copyright should send a claim of copyright violation to:
    Airedale Nursing Ltd
    Copyright Agent for Notice
    44 Park Avenue
    MK40 2NF
    All the following must be included:
    • Identification of the copyrighted work claimed to be infringed, and the basis of the claim
    • Identification of the material which is claimed to be infringing, including the URL
    • Full contact information on the claimed copyright owner or other claimant, (who must have a license that is being infringed or other standing to make the claim.) This should include the name, address, telephone, fax and email information.
    • A statement, under penalty of perjury, that the information sent is accurate and the complaining party is the owner or an authorised agent of the owner.
    • A physical or electronic signature of the claiming party

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